A woman has shared a picture of stainless steel lunchbox being sold at a store in Europe

A woman has shared a picture of stainless steel lunchbox being sold at a store in Europe, which is making people sentimental on social media. Madhura Rao, during her visit to a store there, found one such lunchbox which made her nostalgic.  

“Got bullied in school for brining lunch in this only to find it being sold in hipster stores in Europe two decades later,” she tweeted.

Steel lunchboxes have mostly been replaced by a variety of innovative plastic lunchboxes in recent years. People born in 90s or decades before that have a great affection for lunch boxes made of steel. Such users have flooded the comments section.  

“You can get it in Sweden too! The superior way to bring lunch without everything blending and getting mushy (though I’d like one that was microwave safe),” one user commented.

“I still carry my office lunch by choice in this dabba even though i have so many tupperware dabbas,” another user tweeted.

One user found it unusual to be bullied because of steel lunch boxes and wrote: “You got bullied for this? Why? Wasn’t this common in school for India? Or was this Pune specific?”

In a reply she wrote, “This was 2002-2005, Bombay. The cool kids were switching from steel dabbas to colourful plastic ones or buying lunch from the canteen.”

Stainless steel is a material made with a combination of various metals and is known for its durability, rust-resistance powder and more. Moreover, utensils made with stainless steel are known to have a non-reactive surface, making food healthy for storing and consumption.

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