A trio of seniors from Winnipeg have become a TikTok sensation after creating videos to make their grandkids laugh.

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Last Sunday, 74-year-old Lois Kreutzer and her sisters, Donna Emes and Wendy Dreger, made a video for the app dancing to the 1962 hit song The Loco-motion by Little Eva.

That video, posted to the account @oldlady152, now has five million views on TikTok.

Another video they made dancing to a cover of Please Mr. Postman has more than 200,000 views.

Watch the video of the sisters dancing below: 

“It’s unbelievable. Like, who cares about three old ladies?” Emes said.

“My granddaughter says I’m a star now.”

WATCH | Sisters talk to CBC’s Janet Stewart about viral TikTok video:

Grandmas become overnight TikTok sensation for dancing videos

Wendy Dreger, Donna Emes and Lois Kreutzer talk to CBC’s Janet Stewart about their popular Tiktok videos. 3:57

Dreger, 66, lives in British Columbia but was in Winnipeg visiting her family earlier this month. While visiting the city, Emes’ granddaughter convinced Dreger to do a TikTok video with her, so the sisters decided to try making one together for fun.

“We said, ‘Okay we’ll make them [our grandchildren] laugh, and that’s what we did,” Dreger said.

Those hoping for an encore will have to wait until Dreger is back in Winnipeg.

“I think we’re going to plan on it. We just have to get together,” Kreutzer said.

Dreger said she’s happy the feedback has been so positive.

“I’m glad it made everybody laugh and I’m glad it made everybody happy.”

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