James Cameron’s ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is expected to have a huge opening weekend in Hyderabad
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An upgraded and more immersive experience awaits movie lovers who step into Screen 6 of Prasads multiplex, Hyderabad, to watch James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water, which releases on Friday, December 16. The large screen of the multiplex situated at NTR Marg has gone in for renovation. The auditorium is now equipped with a Strong MDI screen measuring 64 feet in height and 101.6 feet wide, powered by Dolby Atmos, Dual Barco DP4K-60L laser 3D projection and 53 speakers designed by QSC Audio Products.

“The large screen is equipped with newer and better technology. It is a 1.9 aspect ratio screen for now, with the scope of larger ratios in the near future. Leading up to the release of Avatar: The Way of Water, we have brought in advanced 3D tech to ensure brighter and vibrant 3D presentation with no loss of clarity and sharpness,” says a spokesperson from Prasads Media Corporation.

The renovated large screen at Prasads multiplex, Hyderabad

The renovated large screen at Prasads multiplex, Hyderabad
| Photo Credit:
Special Arrangement

The spokesperson added that the renovation process took around 60 days and technical checks have been carried out over the last few days. Those watching a 3D film in this 630-seater auditorium will be provided with Dolby 3D laser projection glasses that comply with Barco laser projector – CAT8461S-BAR3.

Ever since the bookings opened for Avatar: The Way of Water, the Prasads management has been receiving more enquiries for the large screen as compared to its regular screens.

In 2002, Prasads was the first multiplex in Hyderabad to have an IMAX projection. In November 2014, when Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar opened in theatres, Prasads was reportedly the only IMAX screen in India where the space drama was watched on 70mm film. A few avid movie buffs from other cities travelled to Hyderabad to view Nolan’s film in an immersive format. With time, however, film projection shifted to the digital format and the multiplex stopped screening films in IMAX format.

Two decades since its inception, the renovated large screen with laser projection and Dolby Atmos sound system has created a buzz among movie enthusiasts. 

Meanwhile, Avatar has generated tremendous enthusiasm among movie buffs with tickets being booked well in advance. Prasads multiplex alone has 20 shows of the film in 3D format on the opening day, beginning 8 a.m, and five of these are on the large screen. Several other multiplexes and single screens too have listed shows beginning at 7.30 a.m. With new Telugu and Hindi films deferring their release dates to last week of December, Avatar is expected to make a clean sweep at the box office in its opening week.

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