Princess Diana’s former associates, including her butler and bodyguard, revealed that she wanted to live in America and make a documentary, just like Prince Harry. The revelation comes at a time when Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have just a new trailer for part two of their Netflix documentary series, which explores why the couple stepped down as working royals and moved to the US.

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Lee Sansum, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard, said that Princess Diana had been getting ready to make an announcement to the press that she was moving to America.

“She told me: ‘I want to go to the US and live there so I can get away from it all. At least in America, they like me and will leave me alone’,” Lee Sansum said adding that he had asked her if Prince William and Prince Harry would join her in the US, but Princess Diana explained she would not be allowed to take them away from the royal family.

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“I will probably only be able to see them in the school holidays”, Princess Diana had then told Lee Sansum, he claimed.

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, also said that Princess Diana had been planning to live in California.

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“I remember she set out in her sitting room, the plans of a home in Malibu, California, the former home of Julie Andrews. She said to me ‘I’m buying this house and buying this house to give William and Harry a new perspective on life’,” Paul Burrell said adding that Princess Diana loved America due to its lack of focus on class and she told him “nobody’s judgmental here in America”.

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