London is grappling with ‘high’ air-pollution with city mayor Sadiq Khan issuing an alert to the citizens. He has asked the Londoners to be careful over the next few days and avoid unnecessary car journeys, PTI reported.

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According to the AQI website, London’s air quality index stood at 58 and was considered moderate.

According to a BBC report, London experienced moderate air pollution since Saturday due to cold and foggy conditions.

The mayor’s office also planned to display pollution alert messages across the Transport for London (TfL) network. Schools and boroughs will also be notified regarding the same.

Khan underlined the need to expand London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to reduce toxic air pollution in the city.

The ULEZ, targeting the most polluting vehicles with a daily surcharge, is set to be expanded across the city from August this year as part of measures to clamp down on the city’s air pollution.

Under the scheme, drivers are charged 12.50 pounds to enter the area within London’s north and south-circular orbital roads.

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In the UK, the AQI level between 0-3 is low, 4-6 is moderate, 7-9 is high and beyond 10 is very high, according to the data by Defra.

The AQI level in London is 1/3rd of that in Delhi, which is considered unhealthy for living.

As per AQI website, the AQI level at Jahangirpuri at 10 pm was at 194, and was considered ‘unhealthy’. Other areas considered unhealthy included Narela (170), Bawana (174), Punjabi Bagh (164) and others.

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