Missing your luggage can be very worrisome but it is quite a regular occurrence at the airports. Sometimes people get back their belongings in a few hours or days and sometimes they never get it back.

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But in a shocking and bizarre incident, a woman in the US was reunited with her suitcase after four years.

April Gavin, a resident of Oregon, travelled to Chicago for a business trip via United Airlines in 2018. While returning, the airline lost her luggage. After four years, the suitcase was found in the Central American country of Honduras, New York Post reported.

However, after several years of disappearance, how the suitcase fell through the cracks remains a mystery.

April Gavin explained her ordeal via tiktok videos of how her luggage was misplaced by the airline in August 2018. She claimed that she tried her level best and tried for “months and months” to locate her baggage but to her dismay, the airline told her they had “no idea” where it was. Ultimately, the airline partially compensated for the luggage loss.

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It was this week that April Gavin received a call informing her that the lost bag had turned up in Houston, Texas after a detour from Honduras. The suitcase was slightly damaged but the items in it were safe.

“All of a sudden, I get a phone call from Houston, Texas, saying that they found my luggage, and I was confused,” April Gavin said in her tiktok video, New York Post reported.

“The airline thought it was a typo that it had been missing for four years. It was in Honduras. And who knows where else it went. But it came from Honduras. Went to Houston, Texas”, she added.

She thanked United Airlines for getting her luggage back, saying, “It’s like Christmas opening up all my stuff. I cannot believe that this suitcase has been traveling around for four years, went to Honduras, finally made it back to me, and it looks like almost everything is still in it. So, thanks United.”

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An official from United Airlines said, “We’re very pleased to resolve this case after all this time”, the report added.

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