It could be at least another day before voters in the riding of Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley know who will represent them in Ottawa.

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With local mail-in ballots still to be counted, Conservative Marty Morantz and Liberal Doug Eyolfson remained in a tight race Tuesday morning, with Morantz, the incumbent, ahead by a little more than 100 votes.

Marie-France Kenny, regional media advisor for Elections Canada, said each local electoral district counts its own mail-in ballots, and the process can take several hours.

“I don’t know in any given electoral district what time they’re starting, what time they’re finishing, but we know it will take at least one, possibly two days before we get the final tally,” she said.

Conservative incumbent Marty Morantz, left, had just over 100 more votes than Liberal opponent Doug Eyolfson as of Monday morning. (Walther Bernal and Holly Caruk/CBC)

There are three envelopes to open for every mail-in ballot.

The first envelope has the election’s office address on it, and a worker starts the process by making sure that is correct.

In that envelope is another envelope, with an identifying number, that the voter has signed and dated, declaring they have not voted anywhere else and affirming their identity.

Without counting local mail-in ballots and people who registered to vote on election day, the preliminary estimated voter turnout in Manitoba was 56.18 per cent. The estimated preliminary vote tally for all of Canada is 58.44 per cent.

The official final voter turnout in the 2019 federal election was 64.3 per cent in Manitoba and 67 per cent nationally. In 2015, it was 67.9 per cent in Manitoba and 68.3 per cent nationally.

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