A woman is accused of impaired driving after a vehicle hit a light post, drove through a fenced yard and repeatedly rammed another vehicle in Winnipeg in what police called a road rage incident.

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The 37-year-old woman faces multiple charges in addition to impaired driving, including assault with a weapon.

Police were first called around 10 p.m. Sunday when a vehicle was seen driving erratically on Pembina Highway around the Bairdmore Boulevard intersection, in the Fort Richmond neighbourhood.

A short while later, another caller said a vehicle had rammed his vehicle multiple times.

Someone had aggressively tailgated him, flashing the car’s headlights, then pulled around and slowed down in front of him, police said.

She later rammed his vehicle several times and the driver fled to a parking lot, but the erratic driver followed him and continued to ram his vehicle.

The other driver sped off and the woman tried to follow but lost control of her vehicle, police said, allowing the other driver to get away.

Around the same time, another caller reported a driver hitting a light post and driving through a fenced yard.

The police helicopter was sent out and found the woman’s vehicle. It was heavily damaged but still driveable and she had taken it into a fast food drive-thru on Sage Creek Boulevard.

Police cruisers were directed there and arrested the woman.

Police did not say whether the woman or the other driver she had been targeting were injured.

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