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Chandigarh, April 18

Comedian and TV host Bharti Singh has been criticised for leaving her 11-day-old baby at home and resuming work.

Bharti Singh was spotted on the sets of the TV show Hunarbaaz – Desh Ki Shaan, after giving birth to her first baby – a boy – on April 3.

She is said to have resumed work to fulfill her commitments. However, she has received a mixed response for some praising her for balancing both work and personal life, while others slamming her for leaving her 11-year-old baby at home.

In a media interaction, as reported by ETimes, Bharti revealed that a few people took a jibe at her for leaving her son alone and going to work.

“Hum koi upar se utri hui pariya nhi hai jo rest karengi, kyunki bahut sari working women hoti hai jo ek hafte ke baccho ko chod kar kaam par jaati hai. (We are no angels that we can rest forever.

There are a lot of working women who leave their one-week-old kids at home to resume work),” Bharti said. She further stated that there are some work commitments that one cannot ignore, hence, she had to resume work.

Talking about the baby back at home, Bharti claimed that she had a lot of people taking care of her baby at home as she has a big family.

People reacted saying ‘arre baby ko chodh ke aa gaye Woh chota hai, aisa bilkul bhi nahi hai’, others said, ‘she should have rested as it is not good for her health. While others found her strong and inspiring.

“I feed my baby and he has my milk. We have so many people in my family that he can never be alone. He is safe in their hands,” she added.

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