Four young children have been reported missing in Green Bay, Wisconsin, prompting a Child Abduction Emergency (AMBER Alert). The kids have been identified as Indian-American with brown eyes and black hair.

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Four young children have been reported missing in Green Bay, prompting a Child Abduction Emergency.(X@WIMissingPerson)

The missing children are listed as 4-year-old Tru Ward, 1-year-old Journee Hargrove, 6-year-old Jada Hargrove, and 7-year-old Genesse Hargrove.

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Police have identified two suspects as Deanna M. Ward (34) and Diana L. Halfaday (57).

Both suspects, who are five feet and one inch tall, are Indian-American or Alaskan-native with brown eyes and hair.

They were last seen in the vicinity of Green Bay’s 800 block of South Van Buren Street. According to the police, they were located near St. Vincent Hospital.

Two of the kids, according to officials, have medical issues that need daily medication.

It is unknown to the authorities if the suspects and missing kids are in a vehicle or not.

Indian students found dead in US under mysterious circumstances

The horrific attack in the United States on an Indian student named Syed Mazahir Ali has grabbed the attention of people in India. Ali was attacked by four armed thieves close to his Chicago home, resulting in critical injuries. Following the incident, a video of him bleeding went viral on social media.

“Four people attacked me. I was returning home with a food packet in my hand. I slipped near my house and the four people kicked and punched me. Please help me, bro. Please help me,” Ali can be heard saying in the video.

The event has highlighted the precarious security conditions that Indian students in the US are subject to. There have been multiple reports of violent attacks against Indian students throughout the US in recent times. Several Indian origin students, including Vivek Saini, Shreyas Reddy Beniger, Neel Acharya and Akul Dhawan, were found dead under mysterious circumstances there.

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